Lower Broadheath, Worcester - Birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar

5 October 2017

Elgar’s Birthplace Museum exists as a result of the work and dedication of the composer’s only child Carice, who wanted to honor her father’s wish to be remembered in the cottage. She believed the project important and wanted her father’s memory to live on for future generations to gain some insight into the man and his life.

Biography of Edward Elgar 1857 – 1934

20 September 2017

Edward William Elgar was born on June 2 1987 in Lower Broadheath, a small village near Worcester, England and was the fourth of seven children.

The Musical Works of Sir Edward Elgar

18 August 2017

At the age of 42 Elgar finally began to gain the recognition his fine classical music compositions deserved when he produced the "Enigma Variations", which today is considered one of his most famous works.

Sir Edward Elgar Performances

5 October 2017

When lyrics were written to go with the instantly recognizable piece of music it reached an even wider audience as ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, the unofficial anthem for England.

Theaters in UK

15 September 2017

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Edward Elgar Charity

15 October 2017

The Elgar Foundation is a registered charity with the primary aim of preserving the Elgar’s Birthplace Museum at Lower Broadheath, Worcester, and the memorabilia and artifacts housed within.

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